Justyn Norek's fabulous photo's

This page IS a pure "goldmine" of MX photo's from old times until today!

updated 151222

150106 updated with  18 pic's

Åke Jonsson x4

Olle Pettersson x2

Torleif Hanssen x7

Uno Palm x5

140613 updated with 8 pic's

Torleif Hansen x2

Uno Palm x2

Heikki Mikkola

Åke Jonsson

Christer Hammargren

Torsten Hallman

Bengt Åberg

GP 250cc start






130618 updated 3 pic's

Rare Mugen 360

Johny O'Mara

130422 updated 3 pic's

Jeff Smith in the mud

John Banks in the air

Vic Eastwood in the air


130311 updated 11 pic's

This one shows start to 1967 Czechoslovakian 500.. MX GP (Sedlcany) and you can see that quickest guy at starting gate was Great Britain' s DAVE BICKERS (No 2)on 360 CZ followed by East German PAUL FRIEDRICHS (No 1) also on 360 CZ,behind you can see Russian YURI MATVEYEV (No 13) on 360 CZ, leading Great Britain' s JEFF SMITH (No 6) on BSA Victor 500,BENGT ABERG (No 18) from Sweden on Husqvarna 400,VACLAV SVASTAL (No 27) from Czechoslovakia on 360 CZ, and AKE JONSSON (No 19) from Sweden on Husqvarna 400.

Than we have three CZ riders and Great Britain' s VIC EASTWOOD on BSA Victor 500.

5 times Keit Hickman BSA racing in 1968 East Germany 500MX and 1969 Czechoslovakia 500MX GP's

John Banks racing at Prerov Czechoslovakian 500MX GP 1968

Vic Eastwood racing at Sedlcany Czechoslovakian 500MX GP 1967

3 times Jeff Smith BSA racing at Sedlcany Czechoslovakian 500MX GP 1967

130106 updated 6 pic's

Hello MATS,
This time I send you something special !
Here are two of my recent concepts for modern FLINK & LINDSTROM trials bikes.
 I hope one day we will have genuine SWEDISH TRIALS BIKES !!!
CONCEPT is to have MODULAR FRAME done with magnesium ultralight casted and machined parts for headstock and seat base,joined by large diameter
carbon fiber tube (FLINK) or titanium or steel tubes (LINDSTROM).
So variation of geometry and wheelbase can be easily done, making 125cc, 250cc and 350cc distinguishingly different !
Best Regards from
Justyn Norek Sr.

4 More Hedlund pic's from Imola

20130111 Nisse Wedin added more info about this bike. It's a SOH chassi with an early Hedlund DOHC engine

The owner is Jean Mari Mathe from Switzerland who bought it in Sweden.

121201 updated 6 pic's

Justyn Junior have visited EICMA Milan Motorcycle Show

Photos of KTM "FREERIDE" electric bike concept and me sitting on CAIROLI's KTM 350 world title winning bike,
Best Regards Justyn Jr.

KTM Freeride 2013 Electric bike

Husqvarna 2013

Husqvarna Baja model 2013


Hello MATS,
Did you hear that PAUL FRIEDRICHS has left us forever on August 30th ?
RIP PAUL ( Ride In Paradise ! )
Regards Justyn Norek Jr,

Photo of Paul Friedrichs done by my father from 1970 German MX GP Beuern program.

Justyn writes

Hello MATS,
I am 65 and all my life was very keen about MOTOCROSS and TRIAL. I have seen your beautiful WEB site with rare information about SWEDISH MX bike, and it's really FANTASTIC !
I would like to contribute to your site with some photos in my possession, some done by me and others done by others photographers. So I send you some photos of my friend Torsten Hallman in action on his HUSKY.Hope you will like them.
In 1960's I was active as motocross photographer of MX GP's and send you some photo samples.
Following a sample photos of TORSTEN HALLMAN racing in Poland in 1968 done by me at 250 Polish MX GP at SZCZECIN.
Best Regards
Justyn Norek


Poland 1967

Åke Jonsson 3 photo's from Czech GP 1969

Torleif Hansen

Olle Pettersson on his Suzukiprototype 1967 Poland

Bengt Åberg

Christer Hammargren

Bill Nilsson

2012 Imola

Torsten Hallman

Gunnar Johansson Sten Lundin och Rolf Tibblin

Sten Lundin

Rolf Tibblin och Torsten Hallman

Hedlund Bike at Imola 2012

Besides an MX photografer Justyn also constructed MX glasses!

And he is also a famous designer!

Hansen Jonsson and Hallman

Trial bikes for future 1988 - 1991

Original drawings for Cheney Logo

Future Bultaco

Future Maico

Much more to come!