Rolf Tibblin

One of the best Swedish drivers ever!

uppdated 20140207 with photo's from 1959 och 1960 by Erwin Jelinek

Many thanks to Erwin Jelinek and Technische Museum Wien for the fantastic collection of photos!

The first 11 photo's are from ISDT 1960 in Bad Ausse Austria

Rolf drove Husqvarna 250cc

Next 5 photos from Sittendorf 1959 with the "250cc EM Qvarna"


Next 23 photos from Austria GP Sittendorf by Erwin Jelinek from 1969 to 1965



Rolf, Bill Nilsson and right Sten Lundin


Rolf and Ove Lundell


Rolf in front of Sten Lundin




Congratulations Rolf 75 year young 7/5 2012

Photo Åke Wremp at Knutstorp trac May 1964

Austria GP  unknown photographer

Next picture Justy Norek

New year greetings 2012 from Rolf Tibblin in Sri Lanka

We met Rolf and Indra at a small restaurant in Negombo Sri Lanka!

Rolf invited us to his recidence in the Negombolagoon!

Here overlooking the lagoon from the terrace

Rolf with his dog "Husky"

Indra with some of the fine art she makes

Rolf still remembers his motorcycle days

Here with the medal award from his election to the Motorcycle hall of fame

A framed "Jersey" from the great days

Sri Lankan sunset

Thank you Rolf and Indra, it was an unforgettable evening!