Peer Bijnen from Holland

Peer writes
In 2012 there will be a DEMO class MX.
Real OS bike's with owners who DO NOT WANT TO RACE.
But 3 laps around a real track just trialing thats ok.
Just to see those real old bike's now stowed away.

Peer also sent some interesting pic's of Pierre Karsmakers HVA.

Peer writes: with this bike Pierre Karsmakers won the Dutch national championchips in 1974!

He rebuilt his old Husky for longer rear wheel travel and won the whole championchip!

next pic of a HVA Enduro

Next two; Jos Verweij and Peter Willems admiring a Sprite with HVA replica engine

And isn't there also a Lindström bike to be?

Open the link under and look at more of the interesting bikes!