Many Swedish riders started their mx career's in the 60's on a Lindström bike which was considered the fastest bike you could get.

Here are some of these drivers

The first 2 Photo's from MC Nytt Magazine

 First out is Ronnie Nerbring who was Göte Lindström's "right hand" and also a good mx driver,

always testing new parts and ideas.

Here he is with the new sensation 1963, 352cc two stroke Lindstrom in the 500cc class,

some 50-60 kg lighter than the competitors 4 strokers!

Anders Franzén 1960


Next 12 pic's from  Åke Wremp's archives.

All from a race in Saxtorp 16 september 1962,

Most of the bikes coming from the Lindström shop

Photo's published in Cross och Trialveteranen magazine nr 1 2010


Olof Jardenberg 1963

Next 2 Pic's from Mc Nytt

Christer Hammargren winning and Sivert Stensson second in Swedish Junior Nationals 1964.

 Both on Lindström 360 cc bikes

Nisse Wedin sent another photo with Christer "Hammer" Hammargren" on Lindstrom 360

Svenåke Engström winning Swedish Junior Nationals 1965

on his special Lindström 360cc "without" gastank

Here are 2 of SvenÅkes own pic's from Saxtorp

Next 4 pic's of Svenåke Engström from Nisse Wedin´s archives

Stobytrac 1965

Knutstorp 1965

Here are Svenåke, "back" on Lernacken, at the Öresundsbridge some 40 years later.

This is were Limhamn's MX trac, and near were Göte Lindströms workshop was situated. 

The bike is a 380cc from 1967

More from Nisses Archives

The driver on the 3 first pic's are Janne "smen" Sjölander Sösdala MK

Nr 6 Jan Sjölander Lindström/EG 360cc left and

Hans Danielsson OWA 250cc practicing at Stobytrac.

 Vilke Adolfsson Lindström 360 Vetlanda at Stobytrac 1965

Nr 17 Jan Sjölander Lindström 360cc.

Probably  Jämshög trac.


Next pic from Göran Pettersson Älvbygdens MK.

It shows Team Älvbygden MK coming second in 500cc Swedish team Nationals at Motala 1966

 From left. Per Ove Jönsson , Bosse Petersson, Erling Andersson,

Conny Andersson and Stig Gunnar Thorstensson.


Next 2 pic's from Nisses archives

500cc juniorheat in Tomelilla at Svampatrac 19/5 1968.

 Nr13 Jan-Erik ”Smack” Nilsson Lindström SMK Malmö.

Nr 3 Jan Sjölander Sösdala MK Lindström, Nr 4 Bertil Nygren SMK Ronneby  Combi,

Nr 9 Roy Forsman MA Lerum  ESO, Nr 10 Karl-Gustav Victor Limhamns MK  Lindström, and

Nr 14 Thor Lasson SMK Malmö Greeves.

Jan Sjölander Nr 3 Lindström 360cc

at "Svampa"trac in Tomelilla.

Here are photo's from Rolf Mårtenssons Archives

from left Thomas Löfgren SMK Malmö Lindström/EG, Jan "Jätten" Karlsson Hyllinge MS  HVA and Rolf Mårtensson Tomelilla MK Lindström

Thomas Löfgren left and Rolf Mårtensson right

Rolf Mårtensson Jawa/Guldpil

Rolf Mårtensson Jawa/Lindström

Rolf Mårtensson Jawa/Lindström

Team Tomelilla MK with fr left Kenthy Håkansson Jawa, Krister Nilsson BSA C 15,
Kaj-Åke Månsson Lindström och Rolf Mårtensson Jawa/Lindström

Rolf Tibblin and Rolf Mårtensson

71 Bengt Arne Bonn  OWA and Krister Nilsson Lindström