Janne Johansson

Who was Lindström's most sucessful driver with his "peak" in the 500cc class in 1966 when he won the Swedish

Nationalship, the Swedish 500cc GP in Hedemora and finnished 6th overall in the World Championships!

He also won the Trophee des Nations 1964 and many more 250cc and 500cc races.

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10 photo's by Erwin Jelinek and 1 photo by Arthur Fenzlau from Sittendorf GP 1966, 1967 och 1968







  Photo's from MC nytt





Nisse Wedin sent this actionphoto from Varbergtrac  27/5-65.

This was probably the first 500cc race that Janne won.

The others in the picture are Nr 6 Bill Nilsson Eso  Nr 13  Arne Rydholm  Matchless/Metisse, Bengt Åberg SOH/Hedlund and Nr 17 Janne Johansson på Lindström/EG. Nr 25  Rune Karlsson Combi- Triumph.

The result was 1. Jan Johansson Vetlanda  Lindström 360. 2. Rolf Tibblin UVMK CZ 360. 3. Bengt Åberg Hälsinglands MK SOH/Hedlund. 4. Bert Lundin Göta MS Lito. 5. Hans Hansson Tibro MK Lindström 360. 6. Ove Lundell Varbergs MK Hedlund. 7. Gunnar Johansson MK Orion Lito. 8. Rune Karlsson MK Orion Triumph-Combi . 9. Arne Rydholm SMK Vingåker Matchless/Metisse. 10.  Anders Persson Göta MS Hedlund. Anders Persson is the man behind AP Products.

4 Photo's from Åke Wremp's archives.

Next 2 pic's from Knutstorptrac

Janne and Torsten Hallman

Here are 5 pic's from MC Nytt Magazine

Janne Johansson in the lead at 500 GP in Knutstorp 1965, unfortunately he had mechanical trouble and DNF



Lindström at the top

Pic's from Martin Strömbergs book Idel bekanta

Från 1965 Gunnars Foto, Gunnar Schwartz

Janne and Bill Nilsson 1966 Gunnars Foto, Gunnar Schwartz

Janne at Saxtorp; photo Kenneth Olausson

Vätter Bild, Jönköping

Copyright Skåne-Reportage, Roland Ekholm

Gunnars Foto, Lars Palm